As a GFNY PORTUGAL VIP you will be taken care of during your stay in CASCAIS. We want to make sure to provide you with all the best services in order to prepare you for the big day. The VIP package is a great opportunity and is limited to only 100 participants as to ensure that everyone is fully taken care of. Read below all the great benefits our VIPs will receive.


There is nothing better than having a front row seat, especially when there are more than 2,500 people behind you. Say hello to all the famous and professional athletes, while being surrounded by media and having a chance of getting your photo taken.


The VIP area is conveniently located on the start / finish line and comes complete with everything our VIP customers may desire. Once you arrive, you will be charmed with fresh fruits, juices, and many fantastic snacks and after completing your run, you will be very welcome in our “VIP pasta party”. This area is exclusive to VIP athletes and celebrities and is the perfect place to meet GFNY organizers.


Cascais’ massage therapists are some of the best in Portugal. You will be receiving a 15-minute sports massage after the race in the arrival area to help cool down and calm your muscles. There sure is nothing better than a great massage just after a long day on the road…