Considering the acceptance of my registration in the event above, I, by my own will, agree to make the following representation and contractual agreement:

I acknowledge that, by signing this document, I am assuming the risks and agree to protect, as well as not prosecute and absolve from any responsibilities, the organizers of the GFNY Portugal event, in addition to any others responsible for the execution of the event and that I am substantially giving up my legal rights. This term is a valid contract with binding consequences applicable to all.

I affirm that I have carefully read the terms before signing and understand that I am in agreement with what was signed.

I acknowledge that cycling is an inherently dangerous sport and fully understand the risks associated with participating in this event, whether as a competitor, official, technical, mechanic or spectator, and I fully assume the risks of such participation, for example, but not limited to: dangers associated with holes, pedestrian collisions, vehicles, other cyclists, as well as static or moving objects; dangers arising from inadequate safety equipment, use of equipment provided by the organizers of the event, negligence of the competitors themselves and weather conditions; and possibility of serious trauma or physical / psychological injury or death associated with competition.

For me, my heirs, executors, administrators and legal representatives, I hereby waive, book, and I promise to guarantee and not prosecute those responsible, sponsors, organizers and promoters, or any other person responsible for the event due to self- damages arising directly or indirectly from the event, travel or departure of the competition.

I agree that it is my responsibility to know the entire course, schedule, rules and any specific regulations of the event, and agree to obey all of them. I agree and understand that situations may arise that are beyond the organizers’ control, and that I must continue cycling and participating in order not to put myself or others in danger. I accept responsibility for the conditions and suitability of my equipment, equipment assigned for my use and with my conduct during the event. I will wear helmets that meet the rules of the event and that can protect me against serious head injuries and take all responsibility for the selection and modifications of the equipment.

I do not have any physical or medical condition that could put me or other participants at risk, or that could interfere on my ability to safely participate in the competition.

In case of self-injury that restrains me from making medical decisions, I authorize GFNY Portugal’s medical staff to make such decisions on my behalf. I authorize GFNY Portugal to ensure medical emergency and transportation for me when deemed necessary by the organizers. I agree to take on all costs and expenses such as emergency and ambulance.

I understand and agree that the UCI-Anti Doping Rules and USADA Protocol apply to me and it is my responsibility to abide by these rules. I agree to undergo anti-doping tests and understand that the use of methods or substances prohibited by the anti-doping rule would subject me to penalties such as disqualification and suspension. If determined that I violated the doping rule, I agree to submit the results for USADA’s processing.

I understand that GFNY Portugal and its managers will be taking photos and making audio / video recordings during the event and its related activities. I hereby irrevocably grant the exclusive right to the organizers and those authorized by the organizers to own and use all images and audio / video recordings containing my images for any use in any way related to GFNY.

I agree for myself and my successors that the above representations are contractual obligations and not merely a narrative, and that neither I nor my successors can affirm the contrary to what I have agreed to in this contract. The claiming party shall be responsible for all expenses (including legal expenses) arising from the defense of claims. This contract cannot be changed orally.

I agree for third parties to provide medical information on my behalf to insurers in the event of an accident or death during the event.

The terms of this agreement are separate. The invalidation of one term should not invalidate the others.

GFNY Portugal may, at its discretion, deny or revoke my registration at any time and / or disqualify me from the event. I waive claims for damages resulting from the denial that exceed the total of the registration.

GFNY Portugal may, at its discretion, postpone, modify or cancel the event for any reason. I understand that GFNY Portugal has a “no refund” policy and I understand that I am not entitled to any refund of my entry payment or other costs resulting from my participation in the event.

I certify that I am 18 (eighteen) years of age or older and that I am physically capable and sufficiently trained to participate in all activities associated with the program or event and that my participation is voluntary.