Typology April 1th, 2019
until April 30th, 2019
May 1st, 2019
until May 31th, 2019
June 1st, 2019
until June 30th, 2019
July 1st, 2019
until July 31th, 2019
August 1st, 2019
until August 31th 2019
Federated Athletes (all countries) 70 € 72 € 74 € 76 € 74 €
Non-Federated Athletes (regular) 81,80 € 83,80 € 85,80 € 88,80 € 91,80 €
Front Corral 131,80 € 135,80 € 140,80 € 145,80 € 150,80 €
VIP 171,60 € 176,60 € 181,60 € 185,60 € 191,60 €

General questions

How long is it?

The courses are 84km and 170km.


What is the elevation gain?

The 162km course has an elevation gain of 2.281 meters, and the 82km course a 1.120 meters gain.

For more information: click here

What is the schedule?

Friday, September 6th, 2018

10 AM – 8 PM – Opening of Bike Expo in Cascais and mandatory race packet pickup, making you eligible to the GFNY Portugal.

Saturday, September 7th,2018

10 AM – 8 PM – Opening of Bike Expo and mandatory race packet pickup, making you eligible to the GFNY Portugal.

Sunday, September 8th, 2018:

5 AM – Opening of the corrals at the start area.

6:15 AM – Closing of the corrals at the start area.

7 AM – Start of the GFNY Portugal.

12 PM – Beginning of the Pasta Party.

3 PM – Award Ceremony.

5 PM – End of Event.

What are the important dates and deadlines?

XX – opening of registration.

XX– Closing of online registration.

September 6th, 2018 – recommended date to arrive in Cascais, opening of Bike Expo, and race packet pick-up.

September 7th, 2018 – Last day of Bike Expo and packet pick-up.

September 8th, 2018 – Race Day, Pasta Party, and award ceremony.


What is the entry fee for the 2019 event?


What is included with the entry?

The entry includes the mandatory official jersey, the identification wristband, the participation packet and medal.

If I register for the 162km course, can I later change to the 82km? How about the other way around?

Yes, you have until August 24th, 2019 to transfer entries, with no additional cost. Jus send an email to

Do I have to qualify to participate at GFNY Portugal?


So why is there a qualification?

The qualification is for those who wish to start in the front corral. If you’ve finished top 10% in any other GFNY World event, you get to start in the front corral. 

Do I need to be a licensed racer? For me this is just a personal challenge.

GFNY Portugal is open to riders with all fitness levels. You don’t need to be a licensed rider. Some compete to win prizes, others just as a challenge. GFNY Portugal is all about doing your best competing or just completing the course. 

Is the 82km course a race?

No, the 82km course in non-competitive. All participants will be timed, but listed alphabetically. If you wish to compete, register for the 162km course. 

Is there a minimum age to participate?

Rider must be 18 or older.

Where do I register?

To register, please click here

I can’t start. Am I entitled to a refund or can I transfer my entry to another rider?

There are no refunds or transfers. 


What kind of bike can I ride for the event?

We suggest using a road bike, as it is the best option to ride in groups. Its lightweight makes climbing easier. You can also ride a mountain bike, touring bike or single speed (with two brakes). Triathlon bikes, time trial bikes, tandems, recumbent bikes, trailers and bike seats (except for disabled athletes), penny-farthings or monocycles are not allowed for safety reasons. 

Is it timed?

Yes, every rider will receive his/her time at the end of the race. 

What are the categories?

Please check all the categories at: Click Here

Before the race

Where should I stay?

Please check hotel and bed and breakfast options at: Click here

Where do I pick up my start number and chip?

Packet pick up will take place at the Bike Expo, in Cascais, on September 6th and 7th, 2019 (Friday and Saturday), from 10am to 8pm. 

The wristband with your number will be placed on your arm in entering the Bike Expo area. This wristband will identify you as an official participant, and shall be used at all times, throughout the weekend. It is also important for medical reasons, as well as giving you access to the starting line and the post-race Pasta Party. You will not gain entrance to your starting corral without your wristband. Please keep it on your wrist until the end of the event. 

Can I pick up my packet on the morning of the event?

No. Pick up is only possible during the Bike Expo, Friday and Saturday, no exceptions made. 

Can someone else pick up my packet?

No. For security reasons, all participants must come to the Bike Expo, Friday or Saturday. We also need to make sure the jersey fits you. 

Is there an Expo where I can see cycling products?

Yes, there will be a large Bike Expo in Cascais, where you’ll pick up your packet. Sponsors and exhibitors will participate, showcasing their products and new releases. 


What do I wear?

It is mandatory to wear the official GFNY Portugal (included in the entry fee), as well as the wristband you’ll get at the Bike Expo. Helmets with buckled chinstraps must be worn at all times. Please keep your wristband for post race festivities. Headphones are not allowed

Will there be a bag drop/storage room?

Yes, you can check your belongings at a designated area during the event. Please avoid leaving valuables, as GFNY Portugal is not responsible for items lost or stolen. 

In case of rain, will the race still take place?

Yes, come rain or shine, the race is will take place, unless the event is canceled due to force majeure. 

How do competitors line up at the start?

The first group is for those who bought the VIP entry, for the champions of previous races (age group and general ranking), and guests. The next group is for the top 10% from each age group from previous GFNY World events, and for licensed riders. Then competitors are grouped by age (young to old).

To allow as little interference as possible, we encourage beginners and slower riders to line up at the back of the start. With this you will be able to ride your own pace, unobstructed. 

When does the 82km course start?

Both courses start at the same time. The 82km riders will line up in a corral behind the 162km competitors. 

I am part of a group. Can we start together?

If you wish to start with a group of friends, we suggest you position yourselves more to the back of the corral, not in the front. If you have many friends with you, the person with the lowest bib number can move to the back, the person with highest bib numbers cannot move forward. Everyone should align with the person with the highest bib number of you group. 

We recommend that on the day of the race you try to ride with the peloton, keeping up with riders who will pace you for your level. Challenge yourself and work with riders next to you: maybe you’ll make friends along the way! During the post event Pasta Party you can always find your mates and relive race stories. 

During the race

How many aid stations are there and what will they provide?

There will be ten aid stations, with water, isotonic drinks, fruits, cereal bars, and snacks. 

Will the roads be closed for traffic?

Some roads will be closed for traffic, but not all. Riders have to obey to traffic laws and ride on the right hand side of the street. Riders have to follow the instructions of police officers and volunteers to avoid disqualification. 

How fast should I ride?

GFNY Portugal is about riding a tough course, as fast as you can, according to your fitness level. The cut-off time is 10 hours, i.e. 16km/h, including nutrition/hydration, and bathroom breaks. 

Will there be restrooms at the start/finish, and on the course?

Yes, there are aid stations and restrooms at the start/finish areas. During the course, next to the aid stations, there will also be portables toilets. 

If I have a mechanical emergency, what should I do?

We encourage all participants to know basic safety and repair skills, including fixing a flat tire. Be prepared to bring your own hand pump and extra tubes for your bike. Please make sure to do a proper maintenance on your bike at your local store a week before the event! 

However, if you are still unable to make the repair, course officials will be able to help you. If an official is unable to assist you with the repair, he/she will refer you to the nearest aid station or finish line, where we will have mechanics to help you. Please note that the wait for assistance and/or a ride to the nearest rest stop can be long and by waiting, you run the risk of not being able to finish the event. Visit your local bike shop to learn how to handle basic repair needs or ask an experienced riding buddy. 

If I need medical assistance, what do I do?

We will have emergency medical services throughout the course. Police officers and race officials will be travelling on the course in motorcycles and cars, and volunteers will also be there to help you. They will carry communication equipment to contact organizers in case of an emergency. If you need assistance, let someone on the course know and they will get help to you. No matter where you are during the course, help will be always close. 

If I’m not feeling to good or having a bad day, and feel I won’t be able to finish the race, what do I do?

GFNY Portugal will have support vehicles during the course to help riders who feel unable to finish the race. 

Try to make it to the next or previous aid station, where you will have food, water, emergency medical services as well as volunteers to keep you company. If you are unable to ride to an aid station, police officers or race officials will assist you. If you are riding and you see a cyclist on the side of the road asking for help, make sure you report what you saw to the next police officer you see. Please refer to rule 7.6 , regarding helping other cyclist. 

I have never rode in a group before. What should I worry about?

Group riding is faster and less tiresome. However you need some skills and practice to ride close to someone else’s wheel. Try and find a partner to train with. 


Where is the finish?

Marina de Cascais, same place of start. 

Where do I find the results?

The award ceremony will start at 3pm, and results will be fully available on GFNY Portugal website as soon as possible. 

Will there be food at the finish?

Yes, there will be food and drinks at the finish area