Individual competition

Category is determined by rider’s age on December 31.

  • 18-39 years – male/female
  • 40-44 years – male/female
  • 45-49 years – male/female
  • 50-54 years – male/female
  • 55-59 years – male/female
  • 60-64 years – male/female
  • 65 + years – female
  • 65-69 years – male/female
  • 70-74 years – male/female
  • 75 + years – male

Team competition

Riders can also enter team members and compete in the GFNY Portugal Team Competition.

  • Each team must have at least four athletes. There is no maximum number of members per team.
  • The four best times will be considered and ranked to determine the fastest team.
  • All team member times shall be timed and ranked.
  • The top four riders from the winning team will win a trophy.
  • All team members are eligible to win individual prizes per age group.

Him and Her

Riders must finish within 30 minutes of each other.

  • Since it is sometimes difficult to find two riders with the same skill and physical condition, it is permitted to push, drag, encourage, or use other forms of incentive for team building.
  • Him and Her competition has two categories: sub-90 and 90+, considering the sum of the ages of riders.
  • Members of a Him and Her team are NOT eligible to win individual prizes, since mutual assistance is allowed in this category.

(1) VIP: Returning champions from the previous year (overall, age groups), guests.

(2) Competitive corrals:

  • (2.1) Top 10% of each age group of the previous GFNY World Championship.
  • (2.2) Licensed racers in several corrals according to their ranking (men/female) and top 10 of the Master category according to the national ranking of the Federaçao Portuguesa de Ciclismo (FBC). To guaranty access to the front corral, each rider must submit his/her category and rank position to

(3) General GF riders according to their age group (younger to older).

GFNY Portugal reserves the right to limit the front corral to top 10% finishers at GFNY World events if there are space constraints.

(4) Challenged athletes with hand cycles

Riders have to start in their designated corral. Riders are allowed to start in a corral further back than their designated corral. If a rider attempts to get in a corral further ahead than allocated he/she will be put in the last corral or disqualified.