Anti-doping GFNY Portugal

GFNY Portugal recognizes the importance of clean competition and has a proactive stance in implementing the anti-doping program in favor of clean athletes and the integrity of our sport, which includes adherence to WADA’s ban list.

GFNY Portugal is against the practice of doping in sport, ethical and medical, and fully supports the position of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) against the use of banned substances.

The use / possession / trafficking of banned substances, or the encouragement and counseling of the use of such substances and / or taking measures to mask the use of such substances by any contestant where IBJJF has jurisdiction is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

GFNY Portugal adopts WADA anti-doping policies and processes to establish a clean, healthy and fair athletic atmosphere for athletes.

The rules and regulations of anti-doping policies of GFNY Portugal aim to:

  • promote GFNY as a drug-free event;
  • support and preserve the ethics of sport;
  • ensure that all athletes have equal conditions of competition;
  • safeguard the athletes’ physical and mental health;
  • encourage affiliated federations to enforce similar regulations with their athletes.

The purpose of this page is to communicate GFNY’s support to WADA and provide all necessary information to our athletes.