About GFNY Portugal

GFNY Portugal debuted at the hands of Ana Paula Cavalcanti, Brazilian businesswoman and amateur cycling athlete in love with Portugal. The first edition of GFNY Portugal was held on September 9, 2018 with two challenging 162km and 82km courses, traversing sites of extraordinary natural beauty, an exuberant Atlantic coast, crossing with a wealth of historical heritage in what is probably the most beautiful GFNY World.

Located 20km from the capital, Lisbon, Cascais, which was once an important seaside resort of kings and queens, is nowadays still very famous and well known as the Portuguese Riviera for the immense beauty of its beaches, its cuisine and culture, and for being one of the best destinations for cycling in Portugal. The region hosts major sporting events, especially for cycling, bringing together a growing number of athletes each year.


  • Cascais offers a unique and unforgettable blend of culture and experiences of which you must try and see for yourself.
  • The richness of the region’s biodiversity and the city’s beautiful landscape, together with the splendor of its patrimony – a reflection of the historic heritage of Cascais, will leave you in awe.
  • The event can take place at any time of year since Cascais offers year-round moderate, pleasant climate with over 300 days of sunshine per annum.
  • Cascais will provide you with a very diversified cultural program and sports activities.
  • With splendid cuisine and spectacular wines, visitors can explore all senses while enjoying the restaurants of Cascais.
  • Being very accessible at just 20 km from the capital, Cascais is a destination that you cannot miss and will want to return to again and again!

GFNY Portugal Organizer

ANA PAULA CAVALCANTI, lawyer and entrepreneur, has always practiced sports, but it was in cycling – she started practicing in 2012 – that she discovered her biggest passion. The GFNY was her first international event in 2014 and since then she trains daily to participate in the various worldwide stages of GFNY World. After this experience, in 2016, Ana Paula was responsible for taking the event to Brazil (GFNY Brazil). Always in search of new challenges, this time she unites her two great passions: cycling and Portugal, bringing to this magnificent country, reference in the sport and granary of great champions, GFNY Portugal, the biggest amateur cycling marathon in the world that will be held in Cascais.